Disaster Response


The recent floods in Middle Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida has greatly reduced
the number of cleaning buckets and hygiene kits on hand in our very own conference as well as nationally.  
We will be collecting supplies starting on Sunday.  The needed items are listed below and are needed by Sunday, September 19.  
Monetary donations will be accepted.
We will be packing buckets and making hygiene kits Thursday, September 24 at 6:00 in the Family Life Center.  
Items needed for CLEANING BUCKETS
One five-gallon round bucket with re-sealable lid (14.35” h x 12.19” w x 12.19” d)
No screw lids
May be used, but must be free from all residual product
Advertisements on the outside acceptable
One 32-64 oz. bottle liquid laundry detergent
One 16-40 oz. bottle liquid concentrate household cleaner (No spray cleaners)
One 16-34 oz. bottle dish soap
One 4-8 oz. pump spray air freshener
One 6-14 oz. pump spray insect repellent (pack of 10-20 wipes also acceptable)
Pump spray bottles (must have protective covers)
One scrub brush with or without handle
18 re-useable cleaning wipes (No terrycloth, microfiber or paper towels)
Five scouring pads (No stainless-steel pads with soap in them)
36-50 clothespins
One 50-100 ft. clothesline (cotton or plastic line)
24 roll of heavy-duty trash bags (33-45-gallon sizes)
Five N95 particulate respirator dust masks (1-3 mm thickness) (No surgical masks)
Two pairs kitchen gloves (Durable for multiple uses)
One pair work gloves (Cotton with leather palm or all leather)

Items needed for HYGIENE KITS
One hand towel (15 x 25 –17 x 27 inches) (No kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels)
One washcloth (No kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels)
One comb (Must be sturdy with at least 6 inches of teeth; No pocket combs or picks; Rattail and combs without handles are acceptable but must have at least 6 inches of teeth)
One toenail or fingernail clipper
Bath-size soap (3 oz. bar or larger) (No Ivory or Jergen’s soap)
One adult toothbrush (Do not remove from packaging; No multipacks; Personal advertising not acceptable)
10 adhesive bandages (¾ by 3 inches) (Common household bandages acceptable)